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Ximena Sandell

“Kevyn has been an inspirational teacher and mentor through her caring, responsible and meticulous teaching of pilates. With her expert guidance I learned that often times (more than one would expect) the body has the power to heal itself from a major injury and that by gaining control of our body we can lead a freer and fuller life with a myriad of new possibilities opening ahead of us.

Kevyn has a unique capacity of reading the body, her precise cues on how to correct a movement open endless possibilities. Her tremendous knowledge of bio-mechanics has help me connect my mind to my body and with her leadership I was able to experience the healing powers of the body through the right movements. Today I feel stronger, lighter and freer than ever. Since I practice pilates with Kevyn my snow-skiing and water-skiing, two sports that I love and do frequently, have improved significantly. Recently I picked up on another sport that I enjoyed when I was young, tennis, and I was surprised how quickly I am picking it up. In addition, when I first came to Kevyn with an injury I felt exceptionally comfortable under her guidance as she was able to teach me in Spanish, my native language.

Kevyn is a healer, friend and a wise teacher!”

– Ximena Sandell

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