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    Heather Sellers, PhD

    I have been studying Pilates with various instructors for ten years. I have never had an instructor as intuitive, as intelligent, as experienced and creative and mind-blowing as Kevyn.  She’s able to use metaphor and visual imagery to help me

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    Melinda Usandivaras, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Fitness Guru

    “Kevyn is invaluable to anyone looking for a genuinely good Pilates instructor and health advisor. She pays close attention to the needs of her clients, not only what they think they need, but also what their bodies actually need. She

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    Jennifer Ruggiero – owner of The Pilates Movement

    “Kevyn is a very special teacher.  She has this unique way of delivering the information so that each person truly understands the message she is communicating.  Clients adore her personalized attention to detail, her patience and her ability to push