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    Mireille Guiliano

    Kevyn is one of those rare pilates teachers who is not only a super pro but add passion, attention, concentration and much more always aiming at giving YOU the best. I highly recommend her . – Mireille Guiliano

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    Anne Lindgren

    “Kevyn is one of the most talented and effective Pilates teachers I have ever had. She combines a deep understanding of the Pilates technique with a sound knowledge of physiology  – how the mind and body work. It is a powerful

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    Patty Silverstein

    “Having practiced yoga seriously for over a decade, I was searching for a pilates teacher to complimented my yoga practice and strengthen my core so I could go into handstand on my own. Kevyn listened to me, immediately assessed my

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    Melinda Usandivaras, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Fitness Guru

    “Kevyn is invaluable to anyone looking for a genuinely good Pilates instructor and health advisor. She pays close attention to the needs of her clients, not only what they think they need, but also what their bodies actually need. She

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    Amy Liebowitz

    A back injury left me in pain, weak, unable to move and missing regular exercise. It is hard enough to find a good instructor, let alone someone you trust with an injury. Kevyn is just that person. Without exaggeration, she

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    Fritz Wesner – Bank of America

    “After several months of training with Kevyn I have experienced a noticeable improvement in strength and posture, and I feel great after every session.  Before I met Kevyn I had recurring bouts of pain in my lower back (following back