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KZP Team


Sarah James

Sarah was first introduced to Pilates at her ballet school in Boca Raton, Florida under John Mahoney.  Sarah danced many years as a professional ballerina for both American Ballet Theatre and North Carolina Dance Theatre. She has a B.A. in Dance and Arts Administration from Mercyhurst College. Sarah was so inspired by the connection of movement, body, and grace that ballet and Pilates shared, she decided she wanted to teach.  She was certified under Master Teacher Brett Howard, who has direct lineage to Joseph Pilates through Romana. Sarah James has been teaching pilates for over 10 years and is considered an expert in her field.


Eric Pettigrew
Hours at Kevyn Zeller Pilates:
Monday: 2:00pm – 10:00pm
Tuesday: 8:00am – 5:30pm
Originally from Quebec, Canada, Eric began his career as a professional dancer and continues to pursue his passion for movement and healing through yoga, massage and homeopathy. Eric is a teacher & practitioner of Yoga for nearly 15 years. He is an established homeopath as well as a massage therapist. His private practice, Holistic Life Works, is based in NYC and Eastern Long Island. He currently participates in the “Urban Zen” integrative therapy program that brings holistic healing techniques to hospitals and other medical institutions. Eric is also a “master trainer” for Y4C (Yoga for Cancer) that allows him to offer yoga classes catered for individuals affected by cancer and to educate other Yoga instructors into this methodology. Eric’s yoga classes are fun and informative. His goal is to increase awareness of the body and the mind while sharing and experiencing the flow of yoga and its healing practice.  To contact Eric for private massage, yoga instruction and homeopathy visit


Monica Delgado Pilates Teacher

Unlike majority of the Pilates community, Monica does not come from a dance background, but from competitive gymnastics and cheerleading instead. Close enough. She stumbled upon Pilates after a back injury sustained from weight lifting.  After doing “pilates-based exercises” that a physical therapist prescribed, Monica was able to function and move again, and was hooked.  That was ten years ago.  After realizing the benefits of Pilates, Monica continued her practice and eventually became certified in the classical style through Peak Pilates.  She has been teaching since 2007.
Monica is most impressed with how applicable Pilates is to everything we do.  Whether it is sitting in a chair behind a desk, climbing up or down stairs, picking up a bag of groceries, throwing a football or surfing some waves, Pilates is present.  The method has taught her efficiency of movement and proper functional movement, which is what keeps her coming back and is what she strives to impart to her clients.  She loves giving cookies out.  Not the calorie laden kind you eat, but the Pilates kind.  You will have to try a session with her to get your delicious treat!
When she is not teaching Pilates, she is working in her art studio in Long Island City.  Monica is a practicing visual artist with a degree in Painting and has exhibited her work locally and internationally.


Angilique Campbell

Hours at Kevyn Zeller Pilates: Mondays 4-9pm Wednesdays 4-9pm

With a love and passion for movement and teaching, Angilique has over 15 years of dance and fitness experience.  As a professional dancer and former track and field athlete, she knows the discipline required for maintaining a high level of fitness.  She began her teaching career as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer.  Once she discovered the Pilates method, she found it to be the most beneficial form of training for the young, the elderly, and people with physical limitations. Classically trained, Angilique challenges all students with the original exercises developed by Joseph Pilates.  She also incorporates a fusion of exercises derived from her background as a dancer, sprinter, and group fitness leader.

She has worked with a variety of clients including professional athletes, dancers, patients with injuries in physical therapy, and average adults that want to be strong, healthy, and look amazing.  She obtained her Pilates mat and apparatus certifications through Power Pilates and the Physical Mind Institute. Originally from Maryland/Washington D.C., Ms. Campbell studied dance at The Dance Institute of Washington before moving  to New York to do a summer program at the Ailey School.  While continuing to study dance and perform she teaches private clients, duets, semi privates, group classes, and in-home sessions.  She has taught at several facilities throughout NYC including Alvin Ailey, Core Focus Physical Therapy, DLFit studio, Equinox, Grasshopper Pilates, and has also volunteered to teach for New York City Parks and Recreation, PS6, and Shape Up NYC.


Molly Wozniak, MS, LCAT email: 612-987-3302

Molly Wozniak, MS, LCAT has been studying movement for over 10 years.  She was first introduced to the Pilates Method while studying modern dance in college.  She completed her comprehensive Pilates training through Align Pilates in Minneapolis Minnesota in 2004.  In addition to Pilates, Molly has studied several other mind/body methods such as Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Laban Method and Bartenieff Fundamentals.  She has studied with master teachers such as Erika Bloom, Marcia Elizabeth Thompson, Leslie Powell, Kuan Hui Chew, Shelley Studennberg, Deborah Kolway, Amy Alpers and Cara Reeser. In 2009 Molly received her master’s degree in Dance/movement Psychotherapy from Pratt Institute and holds a New York State license in Creative Arts Therapy. For several years she worked in mental health and education where she successfully combined her movement training with her clinical studies to provide comprehensive mind-body support services to her patients. Molly is certified in pre-natal and post-partum Pilates as well as injury rehabilitation; and has taken courses in biomechanics, muscle imbalance assessment and correction, scoliosis correction, gait analysis, fascia release for structural balance and spinal manipulation. Molly combines a strong understanding of anatomy and biomechanics with care and creativity, providing a therapeutic and unique experience for her clients.  In the fall of 2013 Molly began a five-year psychoanalytic program through The Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, to further incorporate the integration of mind and body into her practice.


Leila Bazzani Pilates Teacher

Being a dancer and gymnast from a very young age, I have always had a deep and a very natural connection to my body and movement. As I continued to dance and create through my adolescence and puberty, I began to realize that my body was not a typical “dancers” body. I had hips, and my mothers strong behind, and because of this I had many story lines I told myself and held on to for many years to come. Until I realized how unbelievable and amazing the human body is in all its perfect imperfections. How much it can overcome when we truly begin to not only love our bodies, but change our story lines from I cant to I can. People prove it all the time. People with far more physical and mental obstacles than I have ever had. I learned this profound lesson when I found Pilates over 15 years ago. I practiced and learned not only the Classical Method as Joseph Pilates intended, but also the power of manifestation and human will. I became stronger in body and mind and more balanced than I had ever been, even after all the years of training I had as a performer. I saw such change in my being that I decided to become certified and enrolled in The Pilates Technique Certification corse taught by Jill Cassady in Los Angeles California. A very in depth 400 hr program derived directly from Jills own one on one apprenticeship with Romana Kryzanowska. I was fully certified on all equipment for all levels in October of 2010 and have been enjoying teaching and training ever since.