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KZP Pilates Retreat 2015


Retreat Testimonials

Kelly Poole

The 2014 KZP Retreat exceeded all of my expectations.  The house, the food, the yoga and pilates, and the nightly beach bonfires were all amazing.  Every member of theKZP team was lovely.  Within minutes of arriving at Casa Colorados, I felt like I was on vacation with a group of close friends.  I have thought about that trip daily since my return and it brings me a little bit of happiness every single day.  I cannot wait to do it again in 2015.  Thank you Kevyn for starting my year off right!


 Lynn Harman and Phil Coltoff

“My husband and I, well heeled travelers both, spent 7 glorious days in Nicaragua on Kevyn Zeller’s first annual retreat and loved every minute of all of it. The yoga and pilates classes were sensitively and extremely well taught in beautiful settings. The meals were fabulous and healthy  and prepared by a staff that added to the general sense of comfort, well being and personal attention. Supplementing the classes were challenging and stunning optional hikes, a glorious boat ride for sunset drinks and beach runs on a perfect surface. The accommodations were more than adequate and attentively maintained.For a first  retreat, we could not have been happier and expect that minor tweaking will only make this a perfect experience on our 2nd retreat.”
Gina Harman
“I love studying with Kevyn – hell, I love Kevyn.  So this retreat seemed like the perfect vacation.  And it was.  Gorgeous location (check out the sunsets and the beach that goes on forever) exceptional pilates and yoga classes  (cooled by sea breezes,) challenging hikes, the most delicious food (three times a day) and heavenly massages to soothe whatever was left to soothe.  Down to every last detail, Kevyn and her team delivered.  I can’t wait for the next one.”
Felicia Levy
“KZP retreat was amazing and I would definitely sign up again and again. Pilates yoga meditation massages and wholesome delicious food.  The idyllic setting… Can’t be beat.  Not only was the week simply Amazing but I was able to capture the feeling and transfer the idyllic feeling back home. Stressed back in nyc I just close my eyes and breathe deep and recall the serene calm of Nicaragua and KZP.”
Maria Filipakis
“A sublime experience. Everything about our retreat to Nicaragua was wonderful from Kevyn herself to her team of wellness professionals to the magnificent surrounding. It was a restorative experience …and I’m still holding on to that feeling.”

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