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2015… I’m ready for you.

Thoughtful~Greatful~Ready Today, the last day of 2014, I find myself in deep thought remembering all of the wonderful blessings I received over this past year. It was one of, if not THE biggest growing years of my adult life. Amidst the


Sara Randazzo: Daily Reflection Coach

Sara Randazzo spends her days as the ​Client Services Executive at HSG, a San Francisco-based advisory services company that works with ​game-changing ​leaders to reduce the everyday hassles of managing high-performance teams. In her role, Sara delivers ​the ​Team Insights℠


Growing Pains…

The act of breathing is one that exemplifies on a very tangeable level the process of growing… the process of expanding and contracting. At different times in life, it is necessary to contract, to get very small and connected with


The Purpose of a Retreat… My Intention.

As a Teacher, I’ve known for years that I needed to host a wellness retreat for many reasons.  After holding my very first retreat last year the main reason became abundantly clear: to allow the student an opportunity to take their


Pilates, created BY a man… for MEN!

  I was somewhat surprised when I learned that Pilates was originally designed for men.  It makes sense that a man would create a method that felt most true to his own anatomy and physiology.  Even though he may have


Infinite YOU…

I’d like to begin by saying that I am beyond thankful for everything in my life right now. 2014 has presented me with new beginnings, prosperity, health and LOVE. Life is good!! However, with all of these new beginnings I


I’ll meet you there…

There are many reasons for which I am thankful to have the “job,” that I have. However, the most powerful reason I teach is to inspire human connection. As a teacher I am able to connect with people during a


Giving Thanks…

Is there a better day than Thanksgiving to take the time to give thanks for all of the blessings life has brought your way? How refreshing to have a soul nurturing day like this centered around family, friends, food and


Let it FLOW….

Spring into Summer Series Day 3: Pilates Principle: FLOW I try to remind my students often that the human body is made up of roughly 70% water and that, with this in mind, it makes sense to move as such

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Running to BREATHE better…..

Spring into Summer series Day 2 Principle: Breath In a blog I posted earlier I described the respiratory system as the most inefficient system in the human body. Essentially, we were designed to survive. This does serve us in times