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Spring into Summer Series Day 6: Principle: Precision Sometimes I feel like being a Pilates Teacher is both a blessing and a curse. When I am walking down the street, on the subway, at the beach…. I can’t help but

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Be in control…

Spring into Summer Series Day 5: Pilates Principle: Control The Pilates principle of Control truly exists at the root of the Pilates Method. When Joseph Pilates created his method he didn’t call it “Pilates,” instead he referred to it as


What is a (CENTER)ed run?

Spring into Summer Series Day 4: Pilates Principle: Centering Specific to Pilates, running and other types of physical exercise, “centering” is often referred to as moving from your center or “using your core.” But what exactly is this so-called “core”?


Let it FLOW….

Spring into Summer Series Day 3: Pilates Principle: FLOW I try to remind my students often that the human body is made up of roughly 70% water and that, with this in mind, it makes sense to move as such

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Running to BREATHE better…..

Spring into Summer series Day 2 Principle: Breath In a blog I posted earlier I described the respiratory system as the most inefficient system in the human body. Essentially, we were designed to survive. This does serve us in times

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CONCENTRATION while running…

Spring into Summer series Day 1 Principle: Concentration: remaining present, able to focus on what your teacher is saying, able to focus on your surroundings and most importantly on your body. In classes I’ve taken, and during trainings for triathlons