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And then I looked up…

And then, I looked up…. It is easy at times to get stuck in thought…. And every once in a while daydreaming is healthy. It allows us to ponder possibilities that exist beyond our current reality. This pondering or day


Let your full potential blossom in 2013!!

Recently I picked up and was inspired by a book I haven’t read in a while, The Inner Game of  Tennis by Timothy Gallwey. He eloquently describes the conflict that arises internally between the “I” that gives instructions (self 1),

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End of the World

Isn’t it beautifully refreshing that we don’t have to be attached to ideas we’ve created about ourselves? I thought about this the other day…  The day when the world was predicted to end. I decided to honor the day and


The eye of the storm: the morning after Sandy

Waking up this morning after the storm that we experienced last night I find my self thankful for many things. Little things we take for granted like morning coffee, running water and power…the beautiful tree just outside my kitchen window


Meet Jaime Carson

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Jaime Carson at her beautiful location on 73rd between Park Ave and Lexington for one of the best facials I’ve ever experienced. She is not only a beautiful person inside and


A life infused with Oxygen….

The human body is a machine that keeps me constantly inspired and humbly in awe. One of the most fascinating systems, in my opinion is the respiratory system. Not because of how effective it is but because of how enormously