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“SPRING” into Summer!!!

Take your mind, body, and spirit to the next level this Summer! 6 week Series (Saturday May 4,11,18, June 8,15,22) or (Thursdays May 9,16,23,30, June 6,13) A highly effective combination of “Pilates Style” Running and an empowering, performance and health

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Meet Melinda Usandivaras: health coach extraordinaire!

I have had the pleasure and honor of knowing Melinda for about 5 years now. She is one of those people that radiate beauty, health and positive energy and has a genuine and authentic ability to bring people together. A

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Giving back to Nicaragua…

I was very moved by my experience in Nicaragua. By the breathtaking beauty of the sunsets, the relaxed and simple way of life, the delicious food, the list goes on and on… But mostly, I was inspired by the locals.



Love is everywhere… As an American who spent her formative years in Mexico and Paris, a large part of my heart feels more at home when I am in a foreign country. I’ve always joked that my soul is Mexican


Meet Loren Bassett…

The first time I took one of Loren’s classes I had no idea what I was in for. She teaches perhaps the most challenging class I have ever taken, EVER…. but does so in such a calm and soothing way



After an inspiring conversation with a dear friend of mine who teaches yoga I found myself wondering if by concentrating too much on the importance of positive thinking we risk missing the bigger picture, the deeper beauty. The beauty that

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Eric Pettigrew: yoga, meditation and massage

Eric’s Bio: Originally from Quebec, Eric began his career as a professional dancer and continues to pursue his passion for movement and healing through yoga, massage and homeopathy. Eric is a teacher & practitioner of yoga for nearly 15 years.


The journey continues…

After two amazing, soul nurturing weeks in Hawaii…the journey has continued on to Nicaragua. We landed in Managua and were met by a driver that drove us to Rivas were we stopped to pick up groceries before heading to our

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Meet Jordan Mallah

Utilizing over 16 years of intensive training, teaching expertise and multi-disciplinary learning from cultures around the world, Jordan Mallah offers a brand new experience for over-worked, stressed-out and imbalanced Americans. A writer for the Huffington Post and author of a


What does it mean to be a good teacher?

What qualities make a good teacher? I remember being asked this question while I was in the Master’s Program at The Pilates Center in Boulder.  Although this question is relatively subjective, everyone in the room offered similar suggestions: patience, compassion,