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My personal Pilates Practice is deeply rooted in a fundamental connection to self, first. What I mean by this, is that my personal practice always guides me closer to my truth. Becoming more aware of my self and my truth

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Meet Special Guest Teacher Brittany Beauchamp!!!

Brittany first encountered Pilates twelve years ago, quite accidentally. While spending a summer in Evanston, IL on a scholarship with the renowned Gus Giordano Dance School, she discovered a small Pilates studio down the block. The street level studio boasted


Meet Molly Wozniak!

Molly Wozniak MS, LCAT has been studying Pilates for over 10 years. She was first introduced to the Pilates Method while studying modern dance in college. She completed her first comprehensive certification in 2004 from Align Pilates in Minneapolis, MN


The Beauty in Love.

LOVE surrounds you… Always. Can you feel it? Find a quiet place to sit for a moment, close your eyes and quiet your mind… Soften your forehead, relax you eyes, your jaws and inner ears. Upon softening your senses and


Immeasurable Beauty…

My heart is full… perhaps more than it has ever been. I have opened myself up to true beauty, deep beauty…immeasurable beauty. Upon witnessing it, I felt the urge to write… to write anything… To try and put this feeling


Breathe in… Breathe out.

One of the greatest gifts of life is the ability to FEEL. As I type I am surrounded by the sound of birds chirping, some high pitch, others low, a dog is howling… an occasional monkey is making his or


Melissa Mittereder: The “Spark” Igniter

Melissa is a ray of beautiful, bright light. You will rarely catch her not smiling. Her graceful presence lights up a room and she is always so much fun to be around! Her very important role on our second annual


2015… I’m ready for you.

Thoughtful~Greatful~Ready Today, the last day of 2014, I find myself in deep thought remembering all of the wonderful blessings I received over this past year. It was one of, if not THE biggest growing years of my adult life. Amidst the

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Kevyn Zeller: Pilates LOVE!

Kevyn began practicing and fell in love with Pilates 15 years ago and has been teaching on two continents for more than a decade.  A knee injury during her years as a long distance runner in Mexico, where she grew


Sara Randazzo: Daily Reflection Coach

Sara Randazzo spends her days as the ​Client Services Executive at HSG, a San Francisco-based advisory services company that works with ​game-changing ​leaders to reduce the everyday hassles of managing high-performance teams. In her role, Sara delivers ​the ​Team Insights℠