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    The Purpose of a Retreat… My Intention.

    As a Teacher, I’ve known for years that I needed to host a wellness retreat for many reasons.  After holding my very first retreat last year the main reason became abundantly clear: to allow the student an opportunity to take their

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    The Monday “BLUES” Nicaragua style….

      Picture this…. Waking up to the sound of waves gently rolling onto shore.  A soft breeze makes its way through flowing white curtains that lead the way to a setting so incredibly serene you’d think you were still dreaming.

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    Suzi Alderete is bringing FST to NYC!!!

    Improve your strength and flexibility! Improve your posture! Prevent injuries! Suzi Alderete is an expert in Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST). She has practiced FST for 8 years. Whether you are in pain, training for an event, or recovering from an

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    Who are YOU?

    Recently I’ve found myself up against a wall…. It isn’t a wall that I can see or touch. It is a wall created by my mind that is asking me: “who are you to deserve these incredible gifts that life

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    Pilates, created BY a man… for MEN!

      I was somewhat surprised when I learned that Pilates was originally designed for men.  It makes sense that a man would create a method that felt most true to his own anatomy and physiology.  Even though he may have

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    Styled by Athleta!

    Over the weekend I was able to try out a few new items from Athleta that I LOVED!! For a photo shoot that we did for my new website, Athleta graciously styled me in these beautiful grey Odyssey Chaturanga tights