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    C O N N E C T

    My personal Pilates Practice is deeply rooted in a fundamental connection to self, first. What I mean by this, is that my personal practice always guides me closer to my truth. Becoming more aware of my self and my truth

  • Brit shot 1

    Meet Special Guest Teacher Brittany Beauchamp!!!

    Brittany first encountered Pilates twelve years ago, quite accidentally. While spending a summer in Evanston, IL on a scholarship with the renowned Gus Giordano Dance School, she discovered a small Pilates studio down the block. The street level studio boasted

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    The Beauty in Love.

    LOVE surrounds you… Always. Can you feel it? Find a quiet place to sit for a moment, close your eyes and quiet your mind… Soften your forehead, relax you eyes, your jaws and inner ears. Upon softening your senses and

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    Immeasurable Beauty…

    My heart is full… perhaps more than it has ever been. I have opened myself up to true beauty, deep beauty…immeasurable beauty. Upon witnessing it, I felt the urge to write… to write anything… To try and put this feeling

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    Breathe in… Breathe out.

    One of the greatest gifts of life is the ability to FEEL. As I type I am surrounded by the sound of birds chirping, some high pitch, others low, a dog is howling… an occasional monkey is making his or

  • IMG_0772

    Melissa Mittereder: The “Spark” Igniter

    Melissa is a ray of beautiful, bright light. You will rarely catch her not smiling. Her graceful presence lights up a room and she is always so much fun to be around! Her very important role on our second annual